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Uncia Digital Lending Platform

Uncia processes daily lending transactions exceeding INR 1 lakh crore across Loan Origination, Loan Management, and Supply Chain Finance platforms, serving Banks and NBFCs in India.



Productizing every aspect of the ‘order to Go Live‘ process, including product
mapping, intricate integrations, and data migration, helping you make a
seamless transition to the new work environment, thereby eliminating the
pain of long-drawn project management and litany of umpteen change requests.


Astutely leveraging the DevOps environment to deliver all your desired nuances - without fuss, without pain – to help you ‘Go Live’ at will, exactly in line with market opportunities.


Delivering a self-serve, pay-as-you-consume, tech-enabled environment that eliminates vendor dependencies and lets you tailor the product in line with your business needs – all the way from Test Drive till Go Live and beyond.


Delivering an SLA-based commitment to your business hours, as a pure play, multi-tenant SaaS solution that ensures system availability, where and when needed.


Developed using robust Enterprise technology built on Microsoft Azure ensuring ruggedness with reliability and scalability.


Embedding the highest standards of data security through best-in-class Microsoft-certified hosting services.


Pay-as-you-grow pricing linked to your business parameters which makes your tech price tag a single, predictable, and well-controlled opex line item.

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