Our Ethos

We embarked upon an exploratory journey, fuelled by the intent of finding a better way to articulate our collective ethos and value system, towards building an entity that will leave a legacy beyond our lives and times.

We identified three core emotions that, we believe, represent who we are: Inspiration, Freedom, and Belonging. This trinity supplied wholesome food for thought towards arriving at a single word, an emblematic name that will spell our identity from here on:

Uncia is Latin for the Snow Leopard. A mammal found in the highest reaches of the Himalayas, amid rugged mountains and icy zones. Uncia resides in a very tough terrain, and it is the undisputed master of all that it perceives. It fears no predator, and no animal ever goes after it. By its very nature, it scales up heights it doesn’t need to, continuously moving up the highest echelons of the topography. It is strong yet agile, lightning-fast in speed, and equally pleasing to the eye.

These are all the sterling qualities that we embed in the design and delivery of our products, reflecting in their ruggedness, reliability, flexibility and high performance, and evident from their purposeful and pleasing user interfaces. Uncia captures the essence and significance of what we deliver. Above all, the Snow Leopard is incredibly inspiring. There’s a transformative aura, an unmistakable mystique around it.

Just as the Snow Leopard reigns master of its terrain without competition, we, too, operate in a very challenging and demanding business segment. We have begun replacing, and we’ll continue to replace, the reigning leaders of the segment. Drawing loads of inspiration from the snow leopard, we are doing this in an expansively new way, by virtue of our breakthrough methodology which is definingly disruptive in its innovation.

Our tagline is in line with our cherished sentiment of inspiring ourselves and others, doing things that have not been done before, and living beyond one’s time.

We are people who dare to go beyond, and we inspire others to do the same. And that’s what the Snow Leopard does.

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