Uncia Loan Management System (LMS) is a logical extension to our LOS design, while being eminently capable of seamless integration with your current Loan Origination System (LOS). What sets it apart is its ‘self-serve’ design that lets you configure/reconfigure your products with the highly intuitive Uncia Studio. Here, the hard work of creating a line of business-specific solution at a reasonably granular level dramatically reduces lead times for setup, build, and Go Live. Additionally, it facilitates on-the-fly product modifications post Go Live.

Our value-added platform, built on the business-friendly microservices architecture, caters to various types of Working Capital, Equated Frequency Instalments, Structured Finance, Term Loans, Construction and Project Finance, as well as any product combinations for diverse customer needs.


Highly scalable, high-performance, easily adaptable, and integration-friendly.

  • Self-service, self-deployable customer-owned approach that drastically reduces deployment time and effort, makes configurations and integrations seamless, and puts the end-customer in the driver’s seat.
  • Analytics-driven, post Go Live support model with fool-proof SLA monitoring that measures customer satisfaction in real time.

What makes Uncia Loan Management Software (LMS) a disruptive innovation?

  • UNCIA shifts the focus from a vendor-owned approach to a customer-owned one, with features that facilitate deep self-service within a minimal deployment timeframe.
  • Our self-service, self-deployable approach empowers end customers to manage product configurations, various setup configurations, and integrations. This reduces vendor dependency almost completely and also expedites platform deployability.
  • The Uncia support model is system and analytics-driven, with proper SLA monitoring. Our market-leading innovation eliminates post Go Live support nightmares emanating from high vendor dependency, breach of SLA contracts, and customer dissatisfaction.


Take on the go, on your own Lending Management Software (LMS) customization to the next level, make changes as and when needed, with no change to the solution core

Make needful changes On the go, on your own

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