The Uncia ‘Go Beyond’ way: Delivering you ‘Freedom to self serve

At Uncia, we have ReImagined and ReCreated the Application software delivery Value Chain, every step of the way.

In a market that thrives on one-time license fees (read high), long-gestation ‘implementations’ and exasperating ‘change requests’ at every turn of the post Go Live journey, we have strung together a set of pre-defined ‘productized’ services that define our ‘Go Live methodology’ driven by our ‘Dare to Go Beyond’ ethos.

We kick-off your journey with a pre-configured solution armed with representative data that reflects your specific line of lending business; we deliver a workflow that you can traverse and results that you can review, add your own data to the repository, and take a ‘test drive’; and subscribe, when you are ready, for a cost-effective usage fee linked to your AUM.

That’s when you meet our Three Champs who will walk you through to ‘Go Live’, with a predefined, clearly outlined, cohesive, day-by-day blueprint that lists responsibilities, both ours and yours.

The Three Champs

Solution Architect

Integration Champ

Data Migration Champ

Working closely with your designated business and tech team leads, the three musketeers will align, at the very outset, on all three crucial components – (1) Custom architecting and if necessary (and we are confident this will be minimal) any development prompted by a business need; (2) Additional integrations which would be delivered rapidly through our open API and microservices product architecture, and (3) Data migration and management strategy (what, how, and when), courtesy our productized data migration framework.

The three prongs kick off together and work in parallel, to co-create the solution, with automated regression testing and result validation done through our ready-to-use test drive data suite, to which you can seamlessly add your own scenario test data and validate your results!

To make the most of this rapid Go Live methodology, you will need to assign, at the very outset:

  • Internal Team Leads for solution definition, validation, and acceptance
  • Integration Team Leads
  • Data Migration Team Leads

This team under the oversight of your Project Owner, with pre-planned, committed, and timely validation by the Project Sponsor will engage with us to achieve Go Live, on time, and within budget. This is the Unique Value Creation en route the Uncia Way.

Post Go Live, we stay committed to deliver all those nuanced elements that you may want to bring into your business process, rapidly and at no additional cost. Only in the event of a significant change involving substantial cost and time, over and above what we can absorb in the course of normal add on development and delivery, we will engage with you to rationalize and minimize the time and additional cost you may have to bear for the stated purpose.

To this end, we have crafted pre-configured solutions that map to your business, for each of your business lines.

Uncia Home

Address the needs of potential homeowners or businessmen seeking to use it as collateral


Make home buying a breeze for your customers through simplified origination, seamless servicing, and swift closures, all made possible through our on-the-fly product innovation, seamless system integration, and proactive regulatory compliance.

Uncia Leap

Encompass the whole gamut of SME businesses


Foster winning relationships with significant players in the economic value chain through fool-proof risk mitigation processes, vigilant underwriting, quick loan approvals, and effective life-cycle management.

Uncia Chain

Seamlessly finance digital supply chains


Let our business-boosting solution architecture build your competitive edge in an evolving market with growing complexities, fluctuating business needs, and fickle customer expectations.


Vehicle - Retail

Delight your customers through tailored auto loan offerings exactly in line with their tastes and preferences.

Let the transformative power of Uncia breathe life into and build momentum for your customer acquisition and engagement journey. Dramatically improve the volumes and value of your loan disbursements through a highly scalable, easily customizable, cost-effective, and error-free digital lending platform.

Consumer Durables

Make the most of a cross-sell and up-sell goldmine.

Build deep customer insights in a crowded marketplace of cut-throat competition – through smart profiling, simple and automated credit appraisal, phenomenal TATs, and a self-servicing model – that can help create a cocoon of trust, comfort, and convenience for buyers and sellers.

Vehicle - Commercial

Tap the humungous growth potential of this burgeoning auto loan segment through market-leading digitization.

Make processing fast and fraud-proof through a unique cloud solution that orchestrates a hassle-free and intelligence-driven workflow for all stakeholders of the value chain. Make smart inroads into untapped geographies, and expand your customer base in real quick time through a first-mover advantage.

Personal Loans

Carve your niche in a crowded marketplace through a judicious blend of focus and flexibility.

Deliver market-defining customer experiences through precisely tailored products that meet a growing array of market needs with acumen and alacrity, without the need for custom development at every twist and turn of a fast-changing business mandate.

What makes UNCIA’s end-to-end
digital lending chain first among equals

We empower your business by making origination and customer servicing majestically mobile. Uncia rapidly configures loan origination, enables dynamic credit assessment, and makes loan management effortlessly customizable. Each of our niche offerings defines the exclusive platform on which each vertical solution is meticulously built.

Home Loans

SME Lending

Vehicle Retail

Vehicle Commercial

Personal Loans

Consumer Durables

Supply Chain Finance

Don't see your business vertical above? Challenge us for a custom workshop! We will develop a verticalized offering that meets your specific business needs and surpasses every expectation that you hold dear.

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