At the core of Uncia’s unique value proposition are our people, champions of collaboration and camaraderie, and incisive architects of our end-to-end industry solutions. Hiring the very best is an integral part of the our cultural ethos.

We're guided by our principles: At Uncia, people come ahead of policies and processes and not the other way round. No wonder, Team Uncia strikes a unique blend of talent and temperament which abundantly reflects in the defining traits of our thought and action

Collaborative & Contemplative

We believe in solution-centric collaboration that makes the most of our energies and synergies in a green house of co-creation where individual contemplation and core competencies flower in a team setting.

Passionate & Purposeful

At Uncia, passion and purpose guide every performance. Our people genuinely love the work they do and the process of ‘doing’ is as big a triumph for us as the ensuing targets and breakthroughs.

Caring & Curious

It is our constant endeavor to delight our customers by delivering outcomes that go beyond contractual obligations, and we relish and cherish their larger cause in equal measure, for it is our own both by default and design.

Fearless & Futuristic

We are continuously keen to venture into “never done before” territories and nothing stops us from envisioning a future of sunrise possibilities for enriching the ecosystem of our customers, system end-users, value chain partners, and market intermediaries.

Ethical & Responsible

At Uncia, success and fulfilment have a deeper, reflective meaning as they thrive on the highest ethical principles where responsibility for the greater good is an integral job definition for every Uncia resource – whether functional, technical or support.

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